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REVEAL: Former ICC Members

o Carlos Alberto: Un Analisis Critico de los Estudios Biblicos de la Iglesia Internacional de Cristo
Carlos has posted a slightly modified version of Dave Anderson's The ICC Bible Studies: A Critical Analysis, translated into Spanish. On first, quick reading, the modifications are limited to a few explanatory passages which provide information a Spanish-speaking web surfer looking for information on the ICC would need, and might not already know or find on other pages. (There are only a couple of Spanish- language pages on the ICC as of this review.) This is an excellent resource for people who need information about the ICC in Spanish.

o Charles Barsoum: Is The International Churches of Christ Teachings Biblical?
Charles is a former member of the Sydney Church of Christ in Sydney, Australia. His page has a LOT of stuff, quite a bit of it written by him, and a fair amount of which is not available elsewhere on the Internet to my knowledge. The sound clips page is of especial interest.

o Matt Cramer: The ICC Archives
Matt is a "failed" recruit of the Greater Cleveland Church of Christ, who attended various ICC meetings and events and started "Studying the Bible" during his freshman year at Case Western Reserve University. The site contains a thorough bio, the letter he wrote to the leaders he'd been in contact with when he ended contact with the GCCofC, and some leaflets on the ICC.

It also contains a simple, but nicely conceived of, web page which displays the ICC's First Principles Bible Study series side-by-side with Dave Anderson's Critical Analysis of this series side by side.

o Kyle Degge: Free'N'Deed Ministries
FreeNDeed Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization serving the personal, spiritual, and educational needs of individuals, families, and organizations affected by destructive sects and relationships. Kyle Degge is the executive director, and serves as a minister of the Mainline Churches of Christ who helps ex-members recover from the International Churches of Christ, as well as helps current members make informed decisions about their status.

o Daniel de Sailles: International Church of Christ Page
Daniel is a recent former member whose page contains a number of links to official and unofficial pro-ICC resources. The page contains an open letter he wrote upon leaving the ICC, and other links as well. This site contains the most complete posting I've found on the Internet of the study materials used by ICC members when studying with potential recruits.
o John Engler: Barnabas Ministries
John and Patricia Engler were once long-time (more than twenty year) members, and proponents of the Denver International Church of Christ. John was once a teacher. John and Patricia enrolled in classes at Denver Seminary, which only compounded to their many difficulties with the International Churches of Christ's teachings. Their resignation letters (John's and Patricia's are on their site, as well as the response from the Denver elders. John has some excellent reflections on the ICC.
o Joel Elliott: A Bibliography of ICC/Boston Movement Resources
Joel prepared this excellent list of resources as part of his preparation for a conference on the Boston Movement in November 1996. It contains both on-line and other resources. It is somewhat out of date, and not being maintained, but the scholarly resources Joel lists are still extremely valuable for those who want to understand where the ICC came from and why it believes and functions as it does.


o Jameson Hawley: Focana Productions/X-ICC
A former member tells his story through a couple of plays he wrote about being in the ICC. Recommended!

o Curtiss Hayes: McKean's Mafia -- The Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Churches of Christ
Contains a number of personal stories, including Curtiss' own, and a range of documents about the ICC.

o Martin Hinves: The Hinvii Chronicles
Martin has posted a number of his own analyses and writings on his personal experience in the ICC and his theological analysis of ICC doctrines.

o Solomon HoAsjoe: My Life Experiences with the Toronto Church of Christ
Solomon HoAsjoe is a former member of the Toronto Church of Christ. On this page he tells his story, not just of his time in the TCC, but also of his previous religious background and what he has done after leaving.

o Howard Hong: Theological Fallacies of the International Churches of Christ
In his page Howard analyzes three areas of ICC doctrine, stating why he feels they are in error and giving his reasons. These areas are the "Only True Church" belief, the ICC's teaching that masturbation is a sin, and the ICC's teaching that certain types of thoughts are a sin. The last two contain some brutally frank and detailed discussions of sexuality, including some types of sexuality which most people disapprove of strongly. As such, this page is not for everyone, but it also contains an interesting perspective on these issues.

o Lewis Johnson: The ICC According to Lew
In this page Lewis discusses his time in the International Churches of Christ and his concerns with his former church. In addition to his bio, his page includes a copy of an article in the Portland Beacon about the ICC, for which he was interviewed, and a photograph of the building containing Kip McKean's new $480.000 condominium.

o Joie: Treasures & Jars of Clay
Joie was a member of the New York Church of Christ from 1995 through 1997, and tells a story which will sound familiar not just to recent former members but to most former members from any period.

o Yun Kim: Quest for Truth
Yun Kim, a former member of the Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ who now lives in the Los Angeles area, posts a page containing her bio and quite a bit else about the ICC and Christianity.

o Chris Lee: Awakened
Chris Lee is a former member of the Boston Church of Christ, one of the founders of the Usenet newsgroup, and this is one of the first web pages about the ICC on the Net.

o Sarah Marin: The Dance-Away Zone!
Sarah Marin is a former member of the Triangle Church of Christ in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. She was baptized in 1989, and left in 1994. I found her story rather delightful -- it wasn't terribly different from that told by most members, but Sarah tells her story with wit, humor, some compassion and in a relatively even-handed manner.

o Mark Matthews & Robert Jones: Thee International Church of Christ Alumni
The subtitle of this site is "a place of befuddled Christian humor and religious satire", and it lives up to this description. The page is geared primarily to former members -- the "alumni" or "graduates". This site contains lots of "in" jokes and other humorous material which nonetheless communicates serious truths. There are both frames and non-frames pages, and the site is not loaded with unnecessary graphics, so anyone with any kind of setup and connection will be able to use it.

o Jonas Miller: The International Churches of Christ
The now-former Renaissance man of the ICC. ;> Jonas Miller left the ICC early in 1999, when I wasn't looking. Jonas' current information on the ICC is fairly neutral as former members go -- he feels it has done both good and bad in his life, and in others.

o Andy Purpose: Letter on Leaving the ICC
A former member, recruited into the London Church of Christ in 1989, who left in 1992, has posted the text of a couple of letters he wrote to the evangelist of the LCC a year after leaving.

o James White: James White's Anti-ICC Web Page
James, known to man of us as "Joe Disciple" for a couple of years :>, has "won free". He left the ICC in summer of 1999 after four tumultous years in the ICC. This is his current web page. Given the variety of previous ones, who knows what's next? <BIG grin>

o Hal Wortman: God's Treasures/Praise
Hal's story about his time in the ICC and subsequent spiritual path is good reading. Hal is a former member of the Kansas City Church of Christ, and is now part of the "Jesus People, U.S.A." inner city ministry in Chicago.

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