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REVEAL: Other Discipling Movements

o Montrose Baptist Church: The Assimilation Institute
This page is a hysterically funny look at the "training" a member of a discipling or shepherding church receives as part of their membership. Highly recommended!

Reviewed 10/24/98 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 10/24/98

o Twisted Scriptures: A Path to Freedom from Abusive Churches
"Twisted Scriptures", by Mary Alice Chrnalogar, is by all accounts a superbly written book on the subject of the Scriptures and how abusive churches and individuals can twist them to justify totalitarian and abusive behavior within Christian Churches. This link is to a synopsis of the book, which in its paper form is much longer. Ms. Chrnalogar is clearly from a Protestant background, and this book will be especially helpful to those whose beliefs remain Protestant Christian, but much of what she says will be helpful to anyone who has been in the ICC regardless of his/her current religious beliefs.

Unfortunately Ms. Chrnalogar's home page has a loud embedded sound clip which many users may find annoying, and the design is... somewhat overripe, to put it mildly. <wry grin> If you want to access the rest of her site, there is a link back to the home page at the bottom of the Table of Contents. I recommend you turn off your sound card or reduce the volume to the minimum first, though.

Reviewed 11/15/96 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 3/21/99

o Washington Post: Mother of God: The Believers Next Door
In April 1997 the Washington Post published an unusually well researched and written series of articles on the Mother of God community in Montgomery Village, near Gaithersburg, Maryland. Mother of God was a Roman Catholic religious community which adopted many of the same discipling/ shepherding techniques and drew from many of the same theologians as the ICC, and which was born in the late 1960s just as the Crossroads movement, the ICC's predecessor, was. Former disciples and others who have been involved in the Church of Christ's discipling movement will find this fascinating reading.

Reviewed 7/1/97 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 5/29/98

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