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REVEAL: Unofficial Pages by Current Members

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Quasi-Official ICC Pages

o ICOC Info
Kelcy Allen Hahn, a current member in the International Churches of Christ has done a fantastic job of maintaining current membership, church list, and associated club list and other statistics as well as events and relevant links for the International Churches of Christ.

Reviewed 1/31/2006 by Chris Lee
Link last verified 1/31/2006

o All Nations Webring and Web Forum: International Churches of Christ
This website contains a lot of information about the ICC -- both official and unofficial but from the point of view of currente members. It also hosts a "webring", or linked set of sites with a common theme, for members of the International Churches of Christ. If you want to find and look at pages by a number of current members, this is where to go. This is a nicely designed webring with an index as well as a "round robin" set of links at the bottom of each page.

Updated 1/31/2006 by Chris Lee
Link last verified 1/31/2006 and removed

o Kids Kingdom
The name of this site suggests a page geared towards children (the pre-teen group in most ICC congregations is called "Kids' Kingdom"), but the site's content appears to be a close duplicate of that on UpCyberDown, and UpCyberDown links to this domain. This site is registered to Mike Tamura, a member of the San Jose Region of the San Francisco Church of Christ. We'll keep an eye on this page and see what it turns into. (This page was originally listed as an official ICC page, but the page's owner, Mike Tamura, emailed me and told me it is his personal work. So the listing has moved to the appropriate spot.)

Reviewed 4/17/99 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 5/07/99

o L.A. Church of Christ East Region/Hacienda Heights Sector
This page appears to be the personal effort of Michael Bigger, a member of the LA Church of Christ, rather than an official ICC page. It contains information about the LACC and the ICC in general, and links to other pro-ICC pages, both official and unofficial. It also unfortunately contains an embedded sound clip <grimace>, so if those annoy you, you will want to turn the volume down on your computer speakers before going here.

Reviewed 4/16/99 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 12/30/99

o The Team Online Sports Ministry
This page is hosted by Tom and Carla Scotto, leaders in the Boston Church of Christ. It is focused on "Sports Evangelism", for lack of a better term, and appears to be part of the ICC's efforts to establish special outreach programs for athletes and entertainment professionals.

Reviewed 1/06/00 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 1/06/00

o University of California Upside Down Club
This page is actually an Excite-based web community for the San Francisco Church of Christ's UC Berkeley campus ministry group, the Upside Down Club. It contains announcements, a message area, a calendar, bookmarks, a contact list, and other stuff. It is alive, but just barely -- most of the conversations appear to be from 1999.

Reviewed 4/05/00 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 4/05/00

o University of New South Wales Campus Ministry
The web page for the Campus Ministry/mission at the University of New South Wales, affiliated with the ICC's Sydney Church of Christ. It contains bios/testimonies of campus ministry team members, something that rarely appears on official ICC sites.

Reviewed 4/16/99 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 12/30/99

Unoffical but Highly Authoritative Pages

o Stephen Adkins: Truth and Reason
Stephen Adkins' site started off as an unoffical index to ICC material on the WWW. It has metamorphosed into a site dedicated to Christian apologetics; it has links to material discussing God's existence and who He is. There is one link to the ICC's home page -- otherwise this site has very little to say about the ICC itself any more. The site is designed simply and loads quickly.

Reviewed 10/13/98 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 12/30/99

o Rex Geissler: Great Commission Illustrated
A site owned and hosted by ICC ex-member Rex Geissler. While Rex tells me that he's left the ICC, he has links to Doug Jacoby, a prominent ICC evangelist and teacher who has written several books, and also Rex's friend John Engler, with whom he worships at a non-ICC Church of Christ church. John Engler runs the Barnabas Ministry website. John Oakes is also represented. (I think Dr. Oakes is still a member, last time I debated with him.)

Catherine mentions: After reading the first one, Born of Water, I concluded that it reflected current ICC beliefs on baptism and justifications for them as well or better than anything I've seen on the Internet so far. Bud Price's "Grass Really isn't Greener" also faithfully reflects ICC beliefs about "falling away" and life outside of the ICC.

This site is unofficial, but perhaps the best pro-ICC source of information about ICC beliefs on the 'Net. Highly recommended.

Last reviewed by Chris Lee; also reviewed 12/30/99 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 09/23/05

o Kingdom Books
An online bookstore hosted by an ICC disciple. He sells both DPI and non-DPI books. The site rarely refers to the ICC unambiguously, although anyone familiar with it will realize it is affiliated with the ICC because it is part of the All Nations Web Ring.

Reviewed 4/16/99 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 12/30/99

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Personal Home Pages of Interest

o Chris Arrowood's Home Page
Chris has several sections on the ICC. The most interesting are his section titled "I Believe", "About my Church", and "How I was met". The last one is especially of interest since it describes an ICC recruitment from the point of view of a current member who clearly does not feel he was manipulated or coerced into joining.

Reviewed 11/07/98 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 12/30/99

o Michael Carden: A Look at the International Church of Christ -- The Real Scoop
An ICC member's personal story about his conversion and how he sees the ICC. This struck home with me -- I could have written something similar fifteen or twenty years ago, during my first few years in the movement. Those who want to see the ICC and discipling movement through the eyes of a current disciple should read this.

Reviewed 3/11/97 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 12/30/99

o Bret Fisher: Fishbrains Online!
An extensive, although informal, site by an ICC member. This site is bursting with material, and is written primarily for ICC members, not as a showpiece for outsiders. Bret Fisher, the owner/operator/culprit ;>, has a warped sense of humor which often shows in his work -- the page is fun to read. It is also valuable to those wanting to understand how a current member sees the ICC.

Reviewed 12/30/99 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 12/30/99

o Jeff McLeod: Slice of Life
A member of the New York Church of Christ has put up a page describing his conversion into the ICC. This is a good page, one with a considerable amount more information about the disciple's personal story than most.

Reviewed 10/17/98 by Catherine Hampton <>
Link last verified 12/30/99

o Greg Trigg: Equal Time
"Since there are so many accounts of "former" members about the church, it is time for those of us who are still members to give our side of the story. The Bible says, the first to present his case seems right until another comes to question him. We had a saying in the Army: It's written on the bathroom wall, so it must be true.

The idea behind this is that you can't believe everything you hear, and if you want to know the truth, you have to study it out. If you really want to know what we believe and teach you will have to study the Bible with us. It is our only church doctrine. I have read completely through it 3 times and I am convinced that this is God's church. I wanted to join before I was asked to study the Bible. Here is my story of how I came into the church.

Reviewed 5/29/98 by Gregg Trigg <>
Link last verified 12/30/99

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