If it Walks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck, Then it Must Be Time to Resign

by Michelle Campbell


"You can tell the spirit of a church the moment you walk in. I walk into a church, I know all I need to know about that minister. I walk into that church, and I know this is either a total reflection of this man's life, or he has lived such an atrocious life before the Lord, that this is a rejection of his life. Let me tell you something, your church is going to be just like you. " ---Kip McKean, August, 1992: BOSTON LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE, "THE SUPER CHURCH"


Yes, it is true Kip and Elena McKean have resigned from their positions as World Missions Evangelist, Women's Ministry Leader and Leader of the World Sector Leaders. Although this is a significant event for the ICOC, serious problems still remain. Kip was 1/5 of the problem regarding the organization. Many questions are yet to be answered, such as, how will the leadership be structured? Will they still hold onto the First Principle studies Kip Mckean created? Will the core teachings and practices of the ICC still remain? Will Kip reach out to former leaders such as Jerry Jones, Rick Bauer, Ed Powers and personally apologize to them for shutting them down and "not respecting their leadership gifts which could have complimented his own?" Will they really change the entire system or was this announcement just another way for them to save face?

The responsibility for why the ICC is the organization it is today does not fall on the shoulders of one man. Yes, Kip Mckean was a woefully abusive leader but the people he trained and appointed still remain in the upper echelons and are equally responsibile for fostering an abusive environment and for setting up their leader as an idol. Keep in mind, the original founder of the ICOC, Chuck Lucas, was also removed due to his personal failings, yet Kip McKean picked up where Mr. Lucas left off. There are many leaders in ICOC in line to take Kip's place which is an unfortunate reality. Perhaps a self-fulfilling prophecy, but whatever the case, the qoute above is very timely.


Michelle Campbell
Director and co-founder