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Recent News

2004/2005: Wikipedia has an article on the International Churches of Christ

Wikipedia has a nice little article on the International Churches of Christ that you can read here.

March, October 04: The Christian Chronicle articles on talks between the (Mainline) Churches of Christ and the International Churches of Christ

The Christian Chronicle, the international newspaper of the (Mainline) churches of Christ, reports on two meetings between the Mainline Churches and the International Churches of Christ.

The first meeting (official), in March, seemed promising. There seemed to be genuine desire to dialogue -- although the jury is still out whether there is genuine reform and reconcilliation. The second (unofficial) was in October, mentioning that the ICC leaders need greater theological training.

1/26/04: The Register-Guard -- Evangelical church's plans for Eugene raise concerns

The Eugene, Oregon Register-Guard reports concerns by campus officials, campus Christian groups, and Portland former ICC members about ICC methods coming to Eugene. The article includes an interview with Portland evangelist and ICC founder Kip McKean, who is responsible for initiating the Eugene planting as part of his "Titus Project" to plant churches across the state of Orgeon.

The Register-Guard has granted permission for REVEAL to archive its article on the REVEAL site here.

5/19/03: The Boston Globe -- A Christian community falters - Loss of leader, governing body hurts group formed in Boston

The Boston Globe reports that the central organization of the International Churches of Christ is collapsing. The article traces recent ICC events from Kip McKean's daughter leaving the church, to McKean himself resigning, the subsequent disbanding of the World Sector Leaders and Henry Kriete's letter. Most interesting of all is the writer's interview with Kip McKean -- the first known media interview given by McKean in many years -- in which McKean hints of a comeback. To see the Boston Globe article posted on the TOLC website, click here.

September 2002: Boston University's The Student Underground -- Warning Freshmen: What is up with the Boston Church of Christ

Josalee Thrift does a first-person investigation into the Boston Church of Christ.

5/09/02: Faceup Magazine (Ireland) -- Caught in a Cult

Faceup magazine of Ireland has an article about Anna, who joined the ICC.

4/15/02: George Mason University's Newspaper: Broadside -- Church Seeks Club Status

This article is about how a group of students, affiliated with the Washington, D.C. branch of the International Church of Christ (ICOC) is currently applying to become a club at George Mason University.

4/05/02: The Harvard Crimson -- What in the Lord's Name is Going On?

The Harvard Crimson profiles the Boston Church of Christ including its history, beliefs, and criticisms of the group. It also looks at ICC campus recruiting practices and the chuch's troublesome history at Harvard. Includes sidebars on two former campus recruits of the Boston church, including REVEAL Board of Directors member Chris Lee. Chris's bio is posted in the REVEAL library, for those who want to know more about him

3/20/02: The Reading (UK) Evening Post -- Church group sparks warning

This article is about the warnings regarding the ICC in Reading (UK).

3/11/02: Challenge Weekly Christian Newspaper (NZ) -- Cult hunting students

Cultwatch director Mark Vrankovich warns students and parents in this article regarding the ICC.

3/08/02: Wright State University's newspaper: The Guardian -- Students easy targets for cult groups

First of three articles on the International Churches of Christ, a high pressure group.

Fayola Huffman responds as a Christian (not involved with the International Churches of Christ) in a Letter to the Editor.

Greg VanArsdall also writes a Letter to the Editor.

8/29/98: MIT The Tech -- Before Joining a Cult, Be Sure to Ask Questions

MIT The Tech -- this is Chris Lee's article written to MIT's newspaper, The Tech regarding being wary of cultish groups. Chris's bio is posted in the REVEAL library, for those who want to know more about him

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Other News Sources

The REVEAL Library News Archive

REVEAL maintains an archive and list of links to articles about the London/Boston Church of Christ in the REVEAL Library. This page contains links to all the media stories in the REVEAL library itself and links to stories in permanent archives elsewhere.

TOLC's Media Reports about the London/Boston Church of Christ

TOLC maintains a list of links to articles about the London/Boston Church of Christ. Most are to UK-based newspapers, and unfortunately many of the articles printed in these papers are sensationalist to the extreme and do not do justice to the issues. Some are reasonably good, though, and even the sensationalist articles contain a few facts.

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