What Does the Boston Movement Teach?:

I have chosen to refer to the teachings coming from the Boston Church of Christ and other related congregations as the "Boston Movement." Other phrases such as "Multiplying Ministries" and "Discipling Movement" have also been used to "label" certain teachings and practices. However, since Boston refers to itself as a "movement" I felt the phrase "Boston Movement" an adequate label. This is not intended as a derogatory label but is used only to give the teachings in this book a source.

Writing an updated explanation of the Boston Movement in one volume is like trying to explain the Restoration Movement in one volume. One problem in writing an accurate treatise is the rapidly changing and developing doctrinal positions The changes from August 1986 until November 1989 have been many and rapid. By the time this volume comes off the press, further departures from New Testament truth might have taken place and the Boston Movement may have possibly altered or changed other teachings. However, by quoting their tapes and articles on various subjects, it is accurate to state that this is what the Boston Movement believed at one time.

The Boston Movement claims to be ever-changing as it continues the restoration process. However, most of its changes have caused a further and more radical departure from the Scripture rather than bringing about a more correct understanding of the Bible. The Boston Church of Christ that I became a part of in June 1984 and the Boston Church of Christ in 1989 is radically different in doctrine and practice. It is tragic that a movement that seemed to be concerned about following the Scripture can now be so far from Scripture in teachings and practice. It is my prayer that the leaders will see their errors and make the proper changes.

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