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REVEAL Library: Legal and Ethical Issues

The HOPE WorldWide 1997 U.S. Tax Return/Form 990

The complete HOPE WorldWide 1997 U.S. Form 990, the tax return filed by all U.S.-registered non-profit organizations. HOPE WorldWide is the charitable arm of the ICC, and this tax return demonstrates it conclusively. (If you doubt this, compare the Board of Directors of HOPE with the ICC World Sector Leaders, World Missions Evangelist and World Women's Ministry Leader.) <wry grin>

$ $ $ $ $ $: Money in the ICC

An article written by an evangelical Christian anti-cult group, New Covenant Publications, in cooperation with Calvin Kwan <> on the role of money in the ICC.

Workplace Proselytizing by the San Francisco Church of Christ

An incident where the San Francisco Church of Christ proselytized in the workplace in violation of company rules.

Television Reports on the ICC "Sin Lists," Confidentiality and Other Documentation

Frightening evidence of widespread violations of confidentiality against ICC members by ICC leaders.

The U.K. Broadcasting Complaints Commission Report on a Complaint of Unfairness Towards the London Church of Christ

The report of the UK Broadcasting Commission's decision on a complaint of unfairness towards the London Church of Christ.


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