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REVEAL is an organization of former members of the International Churches of Christ and its predecessor religious movements, the "Boston Movement", or Boston Church of Christ, and the "Crossroads Movement", or Crossroads Church of Christ. We also work with family members and friends of ICC members, although (at least at present) we are all former members ourselves.

Our purpose is to bring the ICC into the light of day -- to provide accurate, detailed and complete information about its beliefs and practices. By providing this information, we hope to give people the tools they need to assess the ICC and their involvement in it.

The REVEAL website and other resources exist to provide information and contacts for:

To do this, REVEAL maintains a website containing all kinds of information about the ICC. The site contains first hand accounts of life in the ICC by former members, theological analyses of ICC beliefs, psychological analyses of ICC practices, information on thought reform and how abusive churches implement thought reform, and other useful material. It also contains lists of former members and others who are willing to talk about their experiences with others, bookstores and other businesses which stock helpful printed material, exit counselors and therapists which work with current and former members, clergy with experience working with former members, and retreats and rehabilitation centers which work with people who have been in the ICC or other abusive groups. In addition, REVEAL maintains an extensive set of links to other web-based information about the ICC and cults.


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