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REVEAL: About Us

What Does REVEAL Do?

REVEAL is primarily an educational organization. We provide information on:

We do this via a couple of avenues. The first is our site, which contains an immense amount of information on the International Churches of Christ, and the most complete index on the internet-based ICC resources.

This website was the first major undertaking of REVEAL. It is intended to provide a central source of information about the ICC, and a place for local support groups and individuals to contact each other. The REVEAL website has these resources:

  1. The Crisis Line, which contains a brief summary of information about the ICC and cults, and resources for current members, former members, or family and friends of ICC members who are involved in a crisis because of their association with the ICC.

  1. About REVEAL, which you are reading now.

  1. About the ICC, which contains a summary of what we know about the International Churches of Christ, including their beliefs, practices, history, structure, and abuses.

  1. A Newswire, with news bits and links to newspaper and magazine articles about the ICC, announcements of ICC activities, announcements of former member activities or events of interest to former members, and other time-sensitive information.

  1. An extensive on-line Library, which holds first-hand accounts of life in the ICC by former members and others who have interacted with the ICC in a significant way, analyses of ICC practices from historical, psychological and theological perspectives, information on thought reform/mind control, information on recovering from involvement in the ICC and other controlling and abusive organzations, and other material of interest.

  1. A People and Places section, which contains information about former members, support groups, exit counselors, therapists, bookstores, and mail order houses from around the world, and which links to or hosts WWW pages for these groups.

  1. Links to Other Sites, which contains an index of links to WWW-based information by the ICC itself, ICC supporters, ICC opponent groups, former ICC members, and other WWW pages of interest to those concerned about the ICC.

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